Inauguration of the XHF Blog



Hello 2017! 


We can’t believe how quickly time flies as we prepare to bid January farewell. Heaps of things happening this year; we’ve sat down to seriously brainstorm about where we would like to take xhf for the coming year. I can’t share much with you know (cos it’s top secret), but do stay tuned for what we’re hiding up our sleeves.


A new year means new beginnings; we have decided to keep a blog section running within xhf, to share with you, (and our future-selves), behind-the-scenes snapshots of xhf, talks about what keeps our creativity spinning, what makes our hearts tick, and how that develops into the products we have for sale. Fun fact: Did you know that “blog” comes from weblog (I was wondering where the B came from, why not wlog? Oh well, guess that’s not as catchy to announce.)


We’ll try our best to keep this space as updated as time allows (fingers crossed), and we hope you’d join us in our rants, like an old wives club talking about life lesson. Haha. Ready? Ready. Let’s shake on that. Hello friend :)


Pixel hugs,


Department of day dreams, xhf