Patches are back in trend and we're so glad that our patches have been receiving alot of love (yipee, and thank you!). The thing about iron-on patches is, once you iron them on, it's as if you're sealing a deal that you can't retract.



If you're anything like me, collecting patches and not knowing where to place them all; or double-taking where to iron-them on because you don't know if that's the shirt you'll be wearing for the next 5 years or so, this simple, no-sewing required, DIY tutorial might come in handy for you. Make your patches into badges!



M a t e r i a l s
Iron-on Patches | Felt | Pin Backs | Glue | Iron (not in photo) | Scissors (not in photo)



1. Cut out pieces of felt fabric large enough to cover the base of your badge. If you have felt scraps that are big enough to cover your iron-on patch, that would suffice.


2. Pre-heat your iron to the right temperature (generally select the heat option for cotton/felt fabrics), then iron your patches over the felt. Start with the patch on top. When the patch has stuck unto the felt, then iron the back (felt side). 



You know your patch and felt are well bonded when the edges of the patch are firmly glued to the felt. Your warm patch will also feel softer and bends easily, but will gradually stiffen when it cools.



3. When your patch no longer feels like a freshly baked cookie, cut around the edges of the patch to remove the excess fabric. You don't have to worry about being too neat for the first cut, trim it gradually till you're happy with the result.



4. Apply glue to adhere the pin back to the felt backing of your patch. (Glue guns, fabric glue, general purpose glue would all work well for this portion. But make sure to check the instructions of your glue before application. Some glues dry faster than others, some glues require application unto both surfaces rather than one for it to work better.)



5. Wait for your glue to dry clean and you're done!



Have fun accessorising your patch badges with anything!



Pixel hugs,